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WHITE KEY™ W2 Intelligent acoustic electric toothbrush
A smart electric toothbrush that can really help you to brush your teeth
All-round highlights
Brushing feedback
on the smart screen
Have a good view of the
brushing area
Personal proper mode
Deal with everyone's
different oral problems
Beheart APP
Have an oral health database
BH OS optimizes product performance continuously
High efficiency
Sonic motor
44,000 beats per minute
Strong detergency
bristles-planting toothbrush
head without copper
Highly rounded bristles
Take good care of your teeth
Long battery life
General Type - C
2.5 hours fast charge
Multiple modes, customized comfort
BEHEART White Key™W2 has 5 cleaning modes with multilevel and widespread
strength to meet the needs of most people.
Standard - suitable for daily use
White - become white and bright
Deep - Excellent detergency
Soft - use in sensitive periods
Massage - gently massage the gums
Detergency, as you can see
BEHEART White Key™W2 has a built-in gyroscope for collecting real-time brushing data,
Tracking the brushing path, accurately detecting and displaying the blind area of oral cleaning.
Timely remind you to brush the teeth comprehensively without leaving blind area to have healthier gums.
(Note about the feedback icon: If the brushing area is completely cleaned, the icon will light up; if the cleaning time is insufficient or the cleaning area is not fully covered, the icon will not light up.)