Vision: To become the new benchmark of digital health industry
Mission: Let high-end technology into thousands of families, let it be faster and more convenient
Core values: Realistic innovation is endless.
BEHEART is founded in 2020, focusing on R&D and manufacture of oral care products, personal appearance and hair care products, committed to making products of high quality and conveying comfortable life concept. It aims to fully integrate intelligent hardware and software through R&D and creation, giving users new energy and new surprises in daily use. In addition, a personal care ecological service platform including hardware, care consumables and smart App is comprehensively constructed to solve the trifles of personal care and constantly optimize users' experience. BEHEART is to establish an intelligent personal care digital enterprise with the vision of becoming the new digital health industry benchmark.
Independent innovation and breakthrough

BEHEART has a number of core inventions, utility models and appearance patents. It is the first in the industry that truly achieve
personalized customization output mode of personal care products.
Build a personal care ecological platform

Independently research and develop smart electric toothbrush, hair dryer, water flosser, shaver and other personal care products,
to serve consumers around the world, to provide users with quality content output, experience and service of products.
Beheart For Behearter
We are committed to making the best products, conveying the most abundant and comfortable life concept.
BEHEART aims to discover what you want and recreate it, so that our products often hold your expectations for a new life.
Beheart. Be Healthy.
Beheart. Be Your Life.
Beheart. Be Hopeful.
BEHEART is committed to becoming a new benchmark for intelligent data and health S&T enterprises, making technology more efficient and convenient for millions of families. The spiritual core is to help users achieve quality and healthy life.
When the rigid life loses freshness and tension, people need to overturn the long-held passive life cognition and rebuild their own value proposition. Users decide the life they want.
The mission of BEHEART is to explore the needs of human nature, create products that return to the essence of life, make every detail fit the users’ mind and make life more pure.
The core value of BEHEART is to explore a new way of life with warm innovation and bring users a new unique life experience.
Realistic innovation is endless.